enrique Jesus Hernandez is a LBGT, Latinx, performance rock artist and domestic abuse activist. _HUNGER CITY], his latest EP and music videos, is him as a child witnessing his mother being physically and emotionally abused. At live shows, Hernandez uses movement as well as symbolic set design, costumes, and lights to express his personal journey as a survivor. At one point, police siren lights and intense dialogue play while Hernandez has the audience hold up a bed sheet as his protective shield. Intertwining himself in another sheet, he writhes and contorts in pain as the audience helplessly realizes the sheet they’re holding around him is now a wall preventing their aid. Inside his corset, a heart starts to glow and beams of light fill the room promising escape. Each part of his performance is intricately designed to lead up to a hopeful, resilient end and the final repeated words, “his fists and money won’t hold us down.”

Born in Spanish Harlem and now residing in Silverlake, California, Hernandez enjoys performing at LGBT, activist, “safe-space” and art spaces such as non-profit Art Share L.A., LGBT bars The LASH and Akbar, and experimental art space supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Human Resources.

He hopes his art empowers individuals on their journey toward comfort in the human body and mind.